Steps to Read is planning support for whole class Shared Reading through carefully crafted units of work.   These units of work also help schools to provide curriculum knowledge for foundations subjects.   They empower teachers to teach all aspects of word reading and comprehension through high-quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts.

Steps to Read provides a clear teaching sequence to reading sessions that explicitly teach reading skills and strategies in a cumulative way through evidence-based approaches. These comprehensive units have been constructed so that the entire statutory curriculum for reading is covered from EYFS to Y6. 

Shared reading

Shared reading is a teaching tool that allows reading to be taught on a whole class basis. The texts are high quality and pitched to a higher level than what children could access independently to push the learning forward.

4 Stages to each lesson

Each lesson has 4 parts and is taught the same way consistently throughout the school.


What is Steps to Read?

  • Is sequenced, coherent and progressive

  • Uses language-rich texts for vocabulary teaching

  • Includes all elements of comprehension, taught sequentially across an academic year

  • Has a clear focus on the skills and strategies needed to be a proficient and confident reader

  • Uses engaging texts to promote a life-long love of reading

  • Includes poetry, non-fiction and fiction that enhances knowledge learning across the curriculum


Planning is provided for teachers to ensure that curriculum coverage is there. Planning is then adapted to meet the needs of the class.