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Mrs. C. Knowles

I have experience in leading teaching and learning in all Primary year groups and have been Deputy Headteacher for the last 6 years in an outstanding school on the Wirral. However, Woodchurch Road Primary School has always been a special place to me as I started my teaching career here and it is a privilege, now to become Headteacher and to be leading the school into its future.



Mrs. Cox- Mrs. Cox  is the Deputy Headteacher  She works in Key Stage 2. She is the Curriculum & Assessment co-ordinator. She is also the Progress Leader for Y6.



Mrs. Rowe - Mrs.Rowe is an Assistant Headteacher ( 0.4 ). She is the co-ordinator for Behaviour Management throughout the school. 


Mrs Charles - Mrs Charles teaches in our Foundation unit, she currently works 4 days a week ( Tues - Fri )

Miss McGivern - Miss McGivern teaches in our Foundation unit. Miss McGivern is currently on Maternity leave - the class is being covered by Miss Swindells.

Support Staff are : Mrs Bastow, Mrs Hocker, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Spence and Mrs Duggan


Mrs Gleave - Mrs Gleave is the Progress Leader for Years F2 & Y1.

Miss Williamson - Miss Williamson teaches in Key Stage 1 ( Y1 ).

Mrs Holleron - Mrs Holleron teaches in Key Stage 1 ( Y2 ).  She is our PSHE Co-ordinator.

Mrs Owen - Mrs Owen teachers in Key Stage 1 ( Y2 )

Mrs Livingstone-Turner - Mrs Livingstone-Turner teaches in Key Stage 1 ( Y1 ). 

All our Key Stage 1 classes have support members of staff. 

They are:  Miss Risnes, Mrs Salisbury, Mrs Simmons, Miss Cook, Mrs Tufts, Miss Shawcross and Mr Thompson.


Mr Thomas - Mr Thomas teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y3 ). Mr Thomas is the Progress Leader for Years 2 & 3.

Miss Moses - Miss Moses teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y3 ) - 4 days a week ( Mon - Thurs ), Miss Moses is currently on Maternity leave - the class will be covered by Mrs Appleton ( Mon,Tues & Wed ), and Mrs Bannon ( Thurs & Fri ).

Mrs Appleton - Mrs Appleton is our PMFL Co-ordinator,

Mrs Bannon - Mrs Bannon teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y3 ) - 1 day a week ( Fri ).

Mrs Jones - teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y3 ) - 5 mornings per week.

Miss McKeown - Miss McKeown teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y4 ).  Miss McKeown is Progress Leader for Years 4 & 5.

Mr Hawkins - Mr Hawkins teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y4 )

Miss Phillips - Miss Phillips teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y4 ) - Currently on Maternity Leave - Miss Pritchard is taking the class.

Mrs Varey - Mrs Varey teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y5 ). She is our Science Co-ordinator.

Mrs Williams - Mrs Williams teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y5 ). Mrs Williams is our SEAL Co-ordinator.

Mrs Shannon - Mrs Shannon teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y5 ). Mrs Shannon is our ICT Co-ordinator.

Mrs Neal - Mrs Neal teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y6 )

Miss Russell - Miss Russell teaches in Key Stage 2 ( Y6 )

All Key Stage 2 year bands have the support of at least one member of staff.  They are:  Mrs Cave (HLTA), Mrs Flynn, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Jude, Ms Renshaw, Miss Woodhouse, Mrs Ireland, Mr Dooley and Miss Wylde. Mrs Carrigan works with Years 2, 3, 4 and 6 with Reading Support.  We couldn’t do without their tremendous help!


Mr Legge is our School Caretaker . He looks after the premises during working hours.  He does endless jobs around the school.

Mrs. Reeves and her team - Mrs. Reeves and Mrs Carrigan our Senior Cleaners, who, together with their assistants, Mrs Burgess, Miss Fitch , Mrs Kinsella, Ms Henderson and Mrs Thompson are responsible for keeping our school clean and tidy.  It is a very large area for such a  small team and they need to work very hard to keep on top of the job.

Mrs. deValve is our school secretary.  She has a difficult job which involves a range of duties and she will be only too happy to help you with any queries ( 0.6 ).

Mrs. Baxter works in the office.  She deals with our dinner money and school fund.

Mrs Gordon is our Business Manager.  She ensures value for money for the school and organises all our building work etc.

Mrs Graves is our Finance Assistant and supports the Business Manager.

Mrs Brizell is our Home School Liaison Officer.  She helps our parents and children will many issues.

Mrs. Williams is our Senior Supervisor at dinner times.  She is ablyassistedbyateam of midday assistants: Mrs Coe, Miss Ferrier, Miss Fitch, Mrs Hartland,  Mrs Lancaster,  Miss McNamara, Mrs Piercy, Miss Stakes, Mrs Sutton and Miss Cook.

Little Buddies team - Senior Playworker - Miss Wylde, Playworkers -  Miss McNamara, Mrs Williams, Miss Ferrier, Mrs Coe, Mrs Sutton and Mrs Carrigan