Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

The national curriculum is taught at Woodchurch Road Primary School. Our teachers work hard to ensure the curriculum is as stimulating and exciting as possible, so that the children enjoy learning and are inspired to become lifelong learners. We have built in many links with the local area and we are lucky enough to have a wealth of resources on our doorstep and we therefore plan to continue taking our children on as many trips as possible, to excite and interest them in their learning and to create a real life context to learning.

If you require further information on our curriculum please contact Mrs Cox or your child's class teacher.


 Planning for the Foundation 2 follows the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

 The areas of learning are :

Personal Social development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and design.

 All children follow a broad enjoyable and enriched curriculum. The National Curriculum is followed and consists of :-

                                                Core Subjects : English,  Maths, Science & I.C.T.

                                                Foundation Subjects : Art, D.T., Music, PHSE, R.E., Geography, P.E., History & PMFL

                Phonics and Reading

Teachers in the same year groups work together to ensure consistency and parity of experiences. The Foundation subjects are now delivered as themed and linked units of work, for example, the Year 5 children enhance their knowledge about the Tudors through art, music, dance and design technology. We encourage the children to use the skills taught in other areas of the curriculum e.g. English and Geography. ICT is a strong feature of all our teaching. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards. We use a range of different methods to help your child learn and prepare for their life long journey.


Curriculum - Long Term Plans

Foundation2                                               Year 1                                                            

Year 2                                                          Year 3                                                          

Year 4                                                          Year 5                                                        

Year 6