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Classroom in the Clouds

Classrooms in the Clouds is a registered NGO working in the Everest region of Nepal in the remote villages of the Solu Khumbu region building classrooms and sponsoring teachers. 

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Letter received 15th March 2016 from Classroom in the Clouds :-

The Beginnings

In May 2005, a group of 8 people trekked together to Everest Base Camp.  They were led by Dawa Geljen Sherpa, a Sherpa whose family have lived in Lukla for generations.  Son of a Yak farmer, Dawa learnt early how tough it can be getting on in life without the benefit of schooling.  His father died when Dawa was still in primary school and Dawa left school to start work to help support his mother and family.  His dream to improve the education of children in his home town of Lukla became a reality when he met Davie Woods, Ian Lowrie, Graham MacDonald, Linza Corp and Michele Findlay on their life changing trip to Everest Base Camp.  

From the inspiration of Dawa and the energy of the Davie and his friends, Classrooms in the Clouds was born and on 29th August 2007 Classrooms in the Clouds was registered as a charity with the Scottish Charity Commision.

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Why Classroom in the Clouds Exist

The potential of many children in rural areas is limited because they can be working, taking care of younger siblings, elderly or disabled relatives and doing domestic chores.  Many leave school at 11 or 12 because their school does not have teachers or classrooms to allow them to stay on to achieve their School Leaving Certificate - the National Qualification in Nepal.  The local Primary School can be 3 hours walk away from their family's village and the Secondary School even further.

Because education in Nepal is still not compulsory and Government support is insufficient there are still many poor quality classrooms.  Many rural schools receive inadequate Government funding for teachers placing the burden on the community to pay for extra staff.  When the 8 new classrooms were opened by Classrooms in the Clouds at Shree Bakhapalam School in Sotang, the Head of the School Management Committee, Kharma, told us that the impact on their status in the region was very positive.  They became motivated and proud of their school and the 2 new teachers sponsored by Classrooms in the Clouds were regarded as a big asset to the school.  REED Nepal, who train teachers reported in July 2013 that:

  • The support of Classrooms in the Clouds has encouraged the teachers to promote quality education

  • The timely visit of the Trustees of Classroom in the Clouds helps the school to walk in the track

Woodchurch Road and Classroom in the Clouds

Our school is committed to raising awareness that all children are entitled to an education to provide them with a brighter future. The children at Woodchurch Road bring in their pennies each week to donate to Classroom in the Clouds, and so far we have raised just over £1,000. Click here to see link on CitC website

The following is taken directly from the Classroom in the Clouds website :-

Woodchurch Road Primary School in Merseyside, UK, are currently participating in the British Council Connecting Classrooms Programme.  Lynn Short, Sarah Holleron and Head Teacher, Anne Maher travelled to Lukla Lower Secondary School in the foothills of Everest in February 2015 to find out more about education in Nepal and share in the teaching and learning in the classrooms of the CitC sponsored teachers, Hari Maya Tamang and Mingma Chhamji Sherpa.  Hari Maya and Mingma will visit the UK in March 2015 to find out more about primary education and spend time with the teachers at Woodchurch Road Primary School.  

Lynn described her experience in Lukla as 'awe inspiring'.  They were hosted by Samden Sherpa a young Nepalese secondary teacher who speaks Sherpa, Nepali and excellent English.  He was able to introduce the teachers to many of the traditional ways of life in the Sherpa town of Lukla and ensure that everyone could share their ideas effectively. The school made Lynn, Anne and Sarah extremely welcome and gave them a wonderful send off with the students performing cultural music and dance and blessing them with the traditional Buddhist khata, a white scarf presented as a sign of respect, gratitude and celebration. 

Shree Lukla Lower Secondary School

Two new classrooms equipped with benches and tables and some computers were built with the support of funds from CitC donors.

In April 2014 92% of the children passed their end of year examinations and progressed to the next grade.  

The total cost of the buildings, including computers was approximately £17,000 (AUS$25,000). CitC sponsor two female teachers at Shree Lukla School, Mingma and Hari Maya.  


Mingma's visit to Woodchurch Road                                                                                    Fireman Dawa