By law every school must have a governing body. Wirral has 125 schools and almost 2000 school governors.

The term of office of a governor is four years, but there is nothing to stop them resigning within that four years. It is estimated that it can take a couple of years to fully get to know the job therefore, governors are encouraged to carry on for a further term of office if circumstances allow. Many governors in Wirral have been in office for longer than ten years.

Employment law states that employers must give employees who are school governors 'reasonable time off' to carry out their duties. The employee and employer have to agree on what is 'reasonable time off'.

Employers may give time off with pay, but do not have to do so. This is for discussion between the employee and the employer.

What a Governing Body Does

Part of a school governing body's responsibilities are to:

  • promote high standards of educational attainment

  • agree the School Improvement plan

  • set an annual budget detailing planned spending

  • approve a staffing structure

  • make sure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, in particular that the National Curriculum and Religious Education are taught, and report on pupil's achievement in National Curriculum assessments and examinations results

  • draw up an action plan following an Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) report

  • produce policies on a number of issues including Sex Education, SEN

  • appoint staff, ensuring the implementation of a range of personnel procedures

  • secure high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour

  • ensure the health & safety of pupils and staff

  • develop the strategic plan for the school, acting as a critical friend and ensuring accountability

  • deal with complaints against the school

Basically, governors work in partnership with the Headteacher/staff and oversee the work of the school to make sure that it provides a good quality education for its pupils.

Apply to Become a Governor

Community governors can be people who live or work in the community served by the school, or people who do not work or live close to the school but are committed to the good governance and success of the school.

Being a school governor is demanding but rewarding and a good way of putting something into your local community.

The most important thing you can offer is your time and enthusiasm. You will need to be able to attend meetings and be willing to read up on relevant issues, allowing time to prepare for the follow-up meetings.

It is not necessary to be an expert on education issues, but you should be motivated and have a strong desire to improve the education of young people.

To apply to become a governor, please download the expression of interest form.This form requires a written signature and therefore, the completed form should be either returned in hard copy form or a scanned signed copy emailed to the address below:

Governor Support Service
Professional Excellence Centre 
Birkenhead Town Hall, Hamilton Street
Birkenhead, Wirral CH41 5BR


Woodchurch Road Primary School - Governing Body


Frank Doyle – Chair of Governors

LA Governor - 30/07/17 - 30/07/20

Frank Doyle is the Chair of Governors. Frank is married to Eileen and his three children were educated at Woodchurch road Primary School. Aged 55 Frank is a keen Liverpool FC fan and season ticket holder and a proud Grandad. 

His main roles are:

  1. To make sure the Governing body’s affairs are conducted in accordance with the law

  2. To ensure meetings are run effectively

  3. To help the Governing body work as a team

  4. To work with the Headteacher – be available to the Headteacher, make time to listen to concerns and give constructive advice

He is the school’s Lead Governor for Computing, Pupil Premium and Mathematics.

Committees : Finance & Personnel(C), Appeals(C), Pay(C), Standards & Curriculum(C), Complaints, Performance Management & Staff Appointment

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest : None

Dan Heydon

Co-opted Governor - 07/11/16 - 07/11/20

Dan was  originally a member of the governing body as a Parent Governor, he is currently a Co-Opted Governor. 

His children attend Woodchurch Road Primary School.

He is the school’s Lead Governor for SEN and Science.  

Committees : Appeals, Finance & Personnel, Standards & Curriculum, Complaints(C) and Pay Appeal.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest : Assistant Headteacher at Bebington High School

Kath Rochell

Co-Opted Governor - 16/01/14 - 16/01/19

Kath was originally a member of the governing body as a Parent Governor, she is currently a Co-Opted Governor. 

In her spare time she enjoys travelling and going for walks on the Wirral with her family and dog.

She is the school’s Lead Governor for History and Geography.  

Committees :Staff Dismissal, Pupil Discipline, Staff Appointment, Pay and Finance & Personnel.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest : None

Wendy Johnston

Co-Opted Governor - 08/03/17 - 08/03/21

I am currently a Civil Servant working in HMRC,  a Royal Naval Veteran and was originally elected by fellow parents to be appointed as a Parent Governor, she is currently a Co-Opted Governor. 

I wanted to join the Governing body at Woodchurch Road as I was extremely pleased with how well my Son settled in F2. After seeing how well the school works to ensure a happy, healthy and successful learning environment for all pupils, I felt that I could offer some time to help in any way needed.

As a parent myself, I actively encourage others to get involved with the School and their childrens' education, as seeing my Son do so well and enjoy his schooling  is extremely satisfying to all parties concerned.

She is the school’s Lead Governor for PE, Citizenship and Behaviour. 

Committees : Pupil Discipline(C), Performance Management(C), Pay Appeal and Environment / Health & Safety.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest : None

Sharlene Rowan

Co-Opted Governor - 07/11/16 - 07/11/20

She is the school’s Lead Governor for Early Years & MFL.

Committees : Staff Dismissal(C), Staff Appointment(C), Finance & Personnel, Standards & Curriculum, Performance Management, Pay Appeal(C) and Capability.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest : None

Craig Ayre

Parent Governor - 1/11/17 - 1/11/20

Craig is the Operations Director of a Management and Consultancy Firm. Craig has extensive business experience and has run or been a Director of Five businesses and hopes to bring his real world business accumen to the Governors’ table.

He is the school’s Lead Governor for P.E. and Behaviour.

Committees : Pay Appeal, Capability, Environment / Health & Safety, Staff Dismissal (R)

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest : None

Alistair Kealey

Parent Governor - 1/11/17 - 1/11/20

Alistair is a chairperson of a local residents group. Since taking on the roll he has worked with local anti-social behaviour  teams  in lowering the amount of anti-social behaviour. Alistair has also worked with Merseyside police on a number of road safety campaigns. Alistair has also been a long standing judge for Wirral NHS trust, in what is now called the Heart Awards. Alistair has a keen interest in the schools SEN and helping the school become more autistic friendly. 

He is the school’s Lead Governor for Music and Citizenship.

Committees : Appeals, Complaints, Environment / Health & Safety, Pay Appeal (R), Staff Appointment (R)

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest : None

The table below shows the membership of each of the Committees. These Governors have voting rights at these committees.


Forthcoming Meeting Dates


Governors Attendance Record - Full Governor Meetings

Governors Attendance Record - Committee Meetings